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All About Amtico

By On August 24, 2017 Under Amtico Floors

Amtico flooring recreates the appearance of other types of flooring. That is, that they look the same but have been manufactured to offer superior durability. What more could you want?

We can offer the information and advice needed to achieve this through the proper and correct cleaning routine. Without this detail muddy footprints, paw prints, moving furniture and many other deteriorating elements will get the better of your Amtico floor.

Amtico Floor Cleaning DurhamIt is important to take a realistic approach to cleaning your Amtico floors. If you were able to wave a magic wand and mysteriously restore your floor, that would be great. However, there is no such magic wand and it is only knowledge and understanding that confidently equips individuals with the essential tools to maintain their Amtico.

Firstly, there are key precautions to ensure that your floors are adequately protected. This starts with the fact that there are floor-specific cleaning products. There are specifically formulated in order to keep Amtico looking at its best. The right product selection is a sure-fired way to ensure your floors are as long-lasting as possible. It will also reduce the requirement for strenuous cleaning.

Secondly, ensuring that you have the correct cleaning routine from the very start will also help to maintain your floor. Once your floor is laid it will immediately start to encounter deteriorating factors. These are unavoidable and a routine cleaning plan will leave you with a clear and concise cleaning approach.

Thirdly, alongside routine cleaning is a carefully considered yearly stripping. Routine cleaning is easily managed by home owners. It is also important to completely strip back the surface coatings. We are on hand to help with this process as it requires in-depth understanding, equipment and products.

Are you looking for help to restore your Amtico floor? Call Absolutely Floor Care today on 0808 118 5747. Do You Deserve The Best?    Absolutely!

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