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Amtico Cleaning Middlesborough

By On June 12, 2016 Under Amtico Floors

The market for Amtico flooring is rapidly growing as it offers flexibility, durability and sustainability. It is most definitely the case that over time Amtico it is better known as a flooring product. It is also gaining a reputation as a designer flooring alternative.

There is a reason why this flooring type is selected in almost even new build home throughout the UK. This offers genuine assurance that it is both cost-effective, long-lasting and attractive.

Hot to clean Amtico MiddlesboroughWe were asked to deep clean this Amtico floor in Middlesborough. This floor had a silver stripping around the edge, lining the tiles beautifully. Our client had noticed a slight deterioration in colour and with high usage wanted the floor to be cleaned.

This picture shows a sample or demonstration area that we cleaned. Our client seemed shocked to see just how ingrained with dirt her floor had become. It shows just how much dirt could be lifted from our intense cleaning process.

We are passionate about restoring Amtico; this is a niche market that we are proud to lead the field with. The second picture shows the level of soiling released during the cleaning process. The floor came up extremely clean and our client was ecstatic with the result.

There is a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing your floors are hygienically clean. And to know that you are well-informed with regards to routine cleaning allows a confident approach.

Amtico is an exceptional floor and we are able to provide cost-effective and transparent pricing.

Restoring Amtico MiddlesboroughWe are committed to offering support throughout our process. How is this managed?

  • We will ensure to answer your enquiries promptly
  • We will make sure that you are well-informed throughout the cleaning process
  • We will use the best-available product formulations
  • We will offer ongoing customer care

Do You Deserve The Best?    Absolutely! Call today on 0808 118 5747.

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