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Amtico Cleaning Middlesborough

By On June 12, 2016 No Comments

The market for Amtico flooring is rapidly growing as it offers flexibility, durability and sustainability. It is most definitely the case that over time Amtico it is better known as a flooring product. It is also gaining a reputation as a designer flooring alternative.

There is a reason why this flooring type is selected in almost even new build home throughout the UK. This offers genuine assurance that it is both cost-effective, long-lasting and attractive.

Hot to clean Amtico MiddlesboroughWe were asked to deep clean this Amtico floor in Middlesborough. This floor had a silver stripping around the edge, lining the tiles beautifully. Our client had noticed a slight deterioration in colour and with high usage wanted the floor to be cleaned.

This picture shows a sample or demonstration area that we cleaned. Our client seemed shocked to see just how ingrained with dirt her floor had become. It shows just how much dirt could be lifted from our intense cleaning process.

We are passionate about restoring Amtico; this is a niche market that we are proud to lead the field with. The second picture shows the level of soiling released during the cleaning process. The floor came up extremely clean and our client was ecstatic with the result.

There is a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing your floors are hygienically clean. And to know that you are well-informed with regards to routine cleaning allows a confident approach.

Amtico is an exceptional floor and we are able to provide cost-effective and transparent pricing.

Restoring Amtico MiddlesboroughWe are committed to offering support throughout our process. How is this managed?

  • We will ensure to answer your enquiries promptly
  • We will make sure that you are well-informed throughout the cleaning process
  • We will use the best-available product formulations
  • We will offer ongoing customer care

Do You Deserve The Best?    Absolutely! Call today on 0808 118 5747.

Restored Stone Staircases Newcastle

By On May 31, 2016 No Comments

There are many things to consider when contemplating a set of stone steps. Many assume that stone stairs are for an external setting, however, they are also well-suited to internal areas. Whether traditional or modern, they are sure to provide an incredible statement and talking point.

Stone Stairway NewcastleStone Stairs NewcastleWhen the stone tiles are being laid you are able to select from more rugged stone or a smoother stone and each will provide a very different appearance. Rougher stone will offers a rustic and textured feel while a smoother finish will deliver a sophisticated and polished effect.

It is likely that the stone type will be dictated somewhat by its surrounding décor. Careful consideration should be taken into the step depths and other details that could affect the success of the end result.

Stone Restoration NewcastleStone Steps Newcastle We were asked to deep clean and restore these stone steps in Newcastle. As with any other staircase, it had experienced general wear and tear over many years. The stone had discoloured and the grout lines were ingrained with dirt.

The steps were beautifully framed by a wooden trim. It is imperative that these areas are protected during the restoration process. The stone swept down the staircase and through to the area downstairs. They had a really rustic appearance but oozed sophistication and homeliness.

We deep cleaned the stairway and tiles beneath with an exceptional result. The tiles were brought back to life and our client commented on the safety aspect of the restored stone. A stone cared for and treated correctly will offer more traction with a better slip resistance. This forms a really important factor when natural stone is fitted as stairs.

Our client was really pleased with the results that we achieved and commented on how our approach offered her instant reassurance. She found us helpful, professional and friendly. Call today on 0808 118 5747.

Cleaning Amtico Darlington

By On May 3, 2016 No Comments

It is surprising how little people know about Amtico flooring. It is often the case that they have heard of the floor type before but they are unable to visualise what it looks like.

Amtico Cleaning DarlingtonAmtico floors are one of the most versatile and beautiful floor types. Many of the houses built in the UK between the 1960s-1970s were often fitted with Amtico. The incredible thing is that many of these are still fitted and look like new.

Best described as an imitation floor, Amtico provides benefits in comparison to other floor types. It does not dent as easy as wood and provides a softer feel underfoot in comparison to stone floors.

Although a high quality Amtico floor can be a large outlay, it provides great value and it is well-suited to high traffic areas. It should be regularly cleaned and sealed to make sure that it remains looking at its best.

Sealing Amtico is incredibly important as this is what offers resistance against staining and protection against wear and tear. We offer a comprehensive Amtico floor sealing provision that will allow your floor look great for longer.

These images show an Amtico restoration job that we completed in Darlington. This shows the results that can be achieved with professional services. The floor was in a deteriorated state and once restored looked like new.

Amtico Floor Do’s and Don’ts

  • Cleaning Amtico DarlingtonDo clean your floors with an Amtico cleaning product
  • Do not use floor polishes for other types of vinyl; only use Amtico sealer
  • Do hire a professional Amtico cleaner when looking to deep clean your floor
  • Do not use acidic cleaners as these will likely strip away the surface finish
  • Do take care to routinely clean your floors as this will clear away dirt and particles that can act to scratch and deteriorate the flooring
  • Do not scrub a stain on your floor as this will likely produce a dull patch once the stain is removed

Call today to arrange a quotation for us to clean your Amtico floor; DO YOU DESERVE THE BEST   –   ABSOLUTELY –  call 07976 127 849

Tile and Grout Cleaning Durham

By On April 21, 2016 No Comments

We are able to carry out test clean patches for clients looking to see exactly what level of transformation that we are able to achieve with our stone cleaning and restoration services.

Tile and Grout cleaning DurhamWe were invited to complete a test patch in this property in Durham. Our client realised that her stone floor had become ingrained with dirt but said that she could not remember what the floor looked like prior to the deterioration. This is because it occurs over a number of years and can easily fall under the radar.

This image shows the cleaning patch that we completed and our client was absolutely shocked at the level of dirt that stained her stone flooring. She was horrified by the way that they looked and excited to see the work completed.

This particular stone floor had become almost one colour; the natural colouration of the tile had been hidden under layers of dirt and grime. It was almost impossible to differentiate between the tile and the grout lines. It was time for us to get to work!

We completed the stone restoration work and it became clear that the results were going to be incredible. The different tones of the tiles started to show through and the area in the property became brighter.

Natural stone floors DurhamIt is so important to hire a professional when undertaking deep cleaning of natural stone. Why?

  • This type of stone is likely to crack or flake if the correct methods are not used
  • It is likely that the result you achieve will be to a worse standard
  • It will likely take you a lot longer to complete the work
  • It is possible that you will select incorrect product formulations that may result in irreversible damage

Tile Cleaning DurhamCleaning stone floors Durham









Our client was really pleased with her restored stone floor; the tiles were fully sealed and protected and we discussed our regular maintenance programme to ensure that the build-up did not occur again. Are you looking for a stone floor restorer? Call today on 07976 127 849.

Vinyl Floor Restoration Durham

By On March 26, 2016 No Comments

We all take great pride in our homes and flooring is an element that offers evidence of our personal taste. Vinyl flooring is a fascinating material and really does offer a range of advantages, not surpassed by other flooring types.

We were asked to visit a house in Durham. When we spoke to the owners of the house they explained that they had experienced a house flood and that the ceilings had fallen through onto their luxury vinyl flooring.

Vinyl floor restoration Durham Vinyl floors Durham






When we arrived it as evident that the flooding had been extensive and the floor was in a deteriorated state. Some would believe that it would be impossible to restore them to their former glory; but here at Absolutely Floor Restore, we enjoy the challenge and reward of providing a first-class service.

We discussed the options available with our client and the quotation process enabled them the opportunity to outline questions, discuss timescales and possible outcomes for the planned work. We often receive comments from clients, describing how grateful they were for the time and care that we take with them.

Cleaning Karndean Durham Restoring Vinyl flooring Durham






Although floor restoration is what we do all day, every day, we appreciate that the process of identifying a cleaning professional and arranging the work to be completed can sometimes be an unfamiliar process to our clients.

Restoring Karndean Durham Restoring vinyl flooring Durham







This is why we take great care to offer information on the process and keep in contact where possible. This also follows through to our after care service; we feel strongly that our clients need to feel as though we offer a comprehensive provision and we will do all we can to offer advice on how to keep you floors looking at their restored best, for longer.

The images tell the story of the floor restoration and as you can imagine, our client was over the moon with the finish we achieved. Have you go an Amtico floor or a Karndean floor that needs restoring? DO YOU DESERVE THE BEST   –   ABSOLUTELY –  call 07976 127 849.