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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaner DurhamWe are professionally trained to clean domestic carpets and commercial carpets.

At Absolutely Floor Restore Darlington we utilise the hot water extraction method to steam clean deep down in domestic and commercial carpets.

Our heavy duty floor cleaning machines agitate the fibres of the carpet, back and forth whilst spraying a solution to help sanitise and deodorise your carpets, rugs or upholstery, leaving them fresh and clean.

How to Clean Carpets

Firstly a high filtration vacuum is used to remove dirt and dust particles. This is a high performance system that is used by professionals to work deep into the carpet fibres.

Any carpet stains then need to be treated with a pre-spot solution. This helps to lift difficult or stubborn stains and our specialist techniques are used to ensure the best result.

carpet stain remove middlesboroughThe carpets are then sprayed with an eco-friendly but deep-cleaning solution. This works to draw out the dirt from the carpet fibres, ready to be removed by the hot water extraction machine.

This external extraction unit distributes heated water into the carpet with high pressure. The vacuum then draws all dirt, chemicals and particles from your carpet, taking all of the waste water away.

The carpets are then flushed using a rinsing agent; this ensures that there is no residue left within the carpet allowing the carpets to stay cleaner for longer and will slow re-soiling.

The carpets can then be groomed, protected and dried. We have industrial units that speed up the drying process in order to reduce disturbance and interruption to your daily routines. These units can be used in both commercial and domestic premises.

We can use a rapid drying technique to help get your rooms back in use ASAP too.

We also offer special treatment such as Stainguard or we can help overcome dust /carpet mite problems in your carpet too.

Carpet Cleaning Middlesborough

We can treat all kinds of carpet stains with our specialised carpet stain removal products and equipment.

Our carpet cleaning services cover Co Durham and North Yorkshire areas.