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Sanding Oak Parquet Floors

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We recently showcased a floor sanding project that we completed. The oak parquet floor was in a terrible state when we arrived. Our client wanted the floors to be fully sanded and restored as part of a home improvement project.

We put together the following video that takes you through the process from start to finish. The parquet floor is almost unrecognisable at the point where the job is completed. Not only is the floor now seamlessly smooth but it is well protected against further wear and use.

Why is our provision important?

Here’s why..


A newly restored wood floor is smooth, sleek and looks incredible. The beautiful grain pattern is the thing that shines through and not the fact that it looks worn and tired. Improved appearance does so much for your home. No longer do you have to be embarrassed about the wood floor that once looked great.

Cost Effectiveness

Our wood floor restoration services are a cost-effective solution. The top layers of the surface are sanded back, which enables us to remove dents, scratches and unsightly dull areas. Wood finishes are then applied which further protects the floor. This is incredibly durable and long-lasting and therefore offers a cost-effective service. Our provision is also accompanied by details of how best to care for your wood floors. Our service doesn’t end when the job does; we continue to offer advice and work to earn your custom for life.

Regular Care

Caring regularly for your wood floors and using the right product will make sure that they are long-lasting. Any floor within your home is an investment and we all want to get the most from our investments. We are able to offer valuable details of how to maintain your floors and keep them looking at their best. This will elongate the times between full restoration.

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Wooden Floors – Maintenance, Recoat and Repair

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From the moment your new floor is installed or freshly restored the gradual wear and tear of general family life and traffic begins to work away on your beautiful floor finishes.

Some people have a good method of aftercare on their floors and unfortunately some people are not sure of the best ways to clean and care for their floors to get the best out of them! A couple of jobs we completed recently highlight good aftercare and also unfortunately the need for some emergency repairs to be carried out!

Aftercare is Key!

At ABSOLUTELY FLOOR RESTORE we make sure we share some valuable knowledge on the Best, Quickest and Easiest methods to look after your floors.  This helps keep our client’s floors looking beautiful for longer. It also saves valuable time and money on potentially expensive replacement and Heavy Duty maintenance work!

Damaged wood floors County Durham Wood Restoration Durham







We were called out to a local hotel that had unfortunately experienced a terrible event at one of their functions. They explained that a patron had broken a glass on their packed Oak dance floor on their Friday night party!

Floor Finishes County Durham Floor Sander Durham






Unfortunately, the staff had not been notified by anyone, so the small particles of glass were pounded and ground in to their wooden floor! The manager was pretty upset as you could imagine!

To add to their problems there was a wedding function booked in for the next day at lunch time! So we went in to action over the bank holiday to help get their floor back to a reasonable state of repair so that the damage didn’t impact too much on their lovely surroundings.

Restored floors Durham Restoring damaged floors County Durham






Using our expertise and experience we were able to reduce the terrible look of the deep damage and scratches to the Oak timber surface. Using specialist equipment, cleaning and staining agents we accomplished a very good result in a tight time frame to a reasonable budget for our client.

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Wood Floor Sanding Tips County Durham

By On December 14, 2016 No Comments

Through our experience with sanding wooden floors we have come across many individuals with questions about the service we provide. This may mean that they have made incorrect assumptions or are not aware of the transformations that can be achieved. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we have come across:

Is my wood floor past redemption?

Oak Flooring County DurhamMany of the wood floors that we survey are in bad condition. They may have been hidden under another floor covering or have experienced high usage. Some floors are dented, scratched or worn in entry areas.

The likelihood is that if you are considering wood floor restoration that they have been neglected and seen better days. The floor sanding process takes away the top layers of wood. This reveals a smooth and clean surface so it is incredibly unlikely that your floor is past the point of redemption.

How long does floor sanding take?

Our dust free floor sanding provision is fast and efficient. This does not mean that it is rushed; we have invested in state-of-the-art machinery so that the process is completed in the best possible way. An average room will likely take two to three days from start to finish. This may depend on whether there are many wood repairs or specific problems that need to be fixed prior to sanding.

What benefits will a newly sanded floor offer?

Newly finished wooden floors not only look great but they offer a practical and hygienic alternative. They will not harbour dirt and bacteria such as carpets and the offer straightforward maintenance and cleaning. Wood floors are also known for their ability to conduct heat; they are warmer underfoot than other floor coverings such as natural stone.

If you have any other questions about floor sanding then we would invite you to call today on 0808 118 5747.

Sanding Oak Floors Harrogate

By On May 14, 2015 No Comments

It is inevitable that every floor we restore has a story; whether this is linked to its history or owners. But it is very rewarding and aspiring to be offered a job such as this.

Absolutely Floor Restore Couty DurhamWe were contracted to restore some oak floors in a lovely lady and gentleman’s home near Harrogate. After discussion it was revealed that Lynda, our client, was one of the original Calendar Girls.

Throughout the completion of the work we were awarded the opportunity to discuss their charity work and the astounding amount of money that they have raised for such important causes over the years.

To date they have managed to raise a life-changing £4,000,000 for the charity Leukaemia Research (now known as Blood Wise). This inspirational charity helps to provide valuable funds to go towards improving the lives of patients affected by blood cancers.

It was brilliant to meet such an exceptional couple and they were so pleased with the work that we completed for them.

Wood Flooring Harrogate Oak Floors Harrogate







When we arrived, the wooden flooring had suffered from many years of usage and the wood finish was too dark. It was decided that a lighter finish would complement the surrounding décor and would brighten the spaces where the wooden floor was fitted.

Wood Floors Harrogate Oak Flooring Harrogate







We used our revolutionary dust free sanding system to complete the work; this provides a smooth, even surface, ready for the finish to be applied. Once the old finish had started to be stripped away, it was quickly clear that the wood floors underneath were in a good condition and would benefit tremendously from our wood restoration services.

Restoring Oak Floors Harrogate Sanding Oak Floors Harrogate







Overall it was an insightful job and we are proud to spread the word of such a treasured charity. Please take a minute to view the substantial resource that can be found on their informative website and links to inspirational stories. Thank you.