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Sanding Oak Parquet Floors

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We put together the following video to showcase an oak parquet floor that was restored recently. This provides information and detail about our dust free sanding provisions for County Durham, Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas.

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The first image shows the deteriorated state of the wooden floor when we arrived. It is often at this point that it is a challenge to imagine what the floor will look like, once restored. The vision of damage caused over many years or hidden under carpets can often overshadow any of a restored floor.

This is the point where it is our responsibility to discuss the expected finishes with our clients. This allows them to envision what it will look like. It is also an opportunity to discuss any limitations to the anticipated work.

Following on from this, the sanding process begins. This already shows what the natural wood underneath looks like under all the old surface coatings. It is, at this point, that natural grain pattern really shines through. The large sanding machines are used in a continuous motion to remove the top layers.

Different sanding machines are used around the edges of the rooms; although this process requires time and patience, it is imperative to ensure a seamless finish and reduce damage to the surrounding skirting or surrounds.

Once the sanding process is completed the wood finish can be applied. Did you know… that this process works to protect the natural wood underneath? Without completing this process, the wood floor is likely to get damaged quickly and will not be able to withstand usage.

A wood finish can alter the appearance of the wooden floor; this parquet floor is transformed with its durable wood finish. Have you got a floor that needs to be restored? Call us today; we are expert floor sanders and we will be happy to arrange a survey for your floor. Call 0808 118 5747.


Sanding Parquet Floors County Durham

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Parquet floors are seeing a real resurgence at present. Why could this be? Parquet flooring really does add character to any room. Its interesting patterns and geometric shape means that it creates a statement. The wood finish applied can then completely transform its appearance.

Sanding parquet floors DurhamThere is also a huge range of commercial parquet floors. Whether they are school halls, village halls or other places with large spaces, parquet is hugely popular. We recently restored this parquet floor in County Durham. When we arrived, it had layers and layers of finish that needed stripping back.

The floor was regularly used so had also been scratched and damaged through this use. All surface coatings needed stripping back so that the process of restoring it to a better appearance could begin. The finish when we arrived was very dark and really offered a drab and unappealing look.

The wood floor was fully sanded with our dustless sanding machinery. This provides an exceptional and seamless finish.

Why is experience important when floor sanding?

There are many things that can go wrong in the floor sanding process. The machinery needs to be constantly moving when on to offer an even finish and to not over sand particular spots or areas. Different machines need to be used to cover the entire space and the application of wood finishes needs knowledge of how best to apply it.

Restored parquet flooring DurhamWith our experience we are able to offer the best-available service and finishes for all types of wooden floors. This ensures that a brilliant finish is achieved and that it is long-lasting and will remain looking great for as long as possible.

A natural finish was applied to the commercial wood floor and, as expected, it completely transformed the entire space. Our clients were really pleased with the result. They couldn’t believe the beautiful grain pattern of their floor as this had been masked by the previous wood finish and damage.

Are you looking for a wood floor restoration specialist serving County Durham and Middlesbrough? Call Absolutely Floor Restore today on 0808 118 5747.

Four Stages to Achieving a Perfectly Restored Wooden Floor

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The key to success is the careful preparation and understanding required in order to achieve the best result. Floor sanding is an incredible process that allows true professionals to transform a dull and lifeless floor to a beautifully smooth and well-protected floor.

Wood Finishes TeesideIt is imperative that the right techniques, products, process and equipment is used in order to avoid damage throughout the sanding process. Wooden floors are well-equipped to deal with daily challenges such as foot fall as well as fluctuations in both moisture and temperature.

Although sanding wooden floors is a detailed process and can need quite an adaptive approach, we have devised the following four stages that briefly outline the process to achieving a perfectly restored wood floor:

Step 1: it is important to survey the floor for damage. This will dictate the restoration approach and will highlight scratches, worn areas and even repairs. Areas that require wood floor repairs need to be found at this stage so that the appropriate solution can be planned.

Oak Parquet Floor DurhamStep 2: this stage outlines the requirement for preparation. As with so many other things, the preparation is key and can offer the difference between a successful or unsuccessful result. The area being restored needs to be cleared of furniture and belongings and the floor needs cleaning and sweeping. Dirt and contaminants needs to be removed and a wood cleanser or degreaser can be used to offer additional help.

Step 3: this takes into account the requirement to sand the wooden boards. Progressively finer grades of sand paper are used on industrial machinery in order to achieve a smooth finish. Our dust extraction system means that there is virtually no dust created in this process. This has transformed the way in which this provision is offered.

Step 4: the floors are then refinished using a selected wood finish. Whether this is a stain, lacquer, oil or wax, your chosen specialist will offer advice on what would work best for your floor. Multiple layers of floor finish will fully protect your floor and leave it looking great.

Have you got a floor that you are considering restoring? Call us today to request a no obligation quotation on 0808 118 5747.

Oak Floor Deep Clean and Recoat County Durham

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We visited this family home to survey their oak wood floor. This was a normal family home with children and two large dogs. Due to the challenges of everyday life the wood floor had not been maintained for a number of years.

Sanding Oak Floors County Durham Damaged Oak Floors County Durham







The first images show how daily wear from busy home environments can play havoc with our wooden floors. Although they are generally hard-wearing and easy to clean, they are often unable to keep up with the onslaught of daily life with kids and pets!

Floor sanding County Durham Restoring Oak Flooring County Durham






Wouldn’t it be nice to rewind time to when the floor was freshly laid? Absolutely Floor Restore can help with this. Our comprehensive floor sanding service removes the top layers of dirt, grime, scratches and damage. This reveals a fresh layer that is ready for finishing.

Wood Finish County Durham Wood Finishes County Durham






Although this sounds straightforward, there are many techniques and aspects of floor sanding that dictate success or failure. Our experience as floor sanders pays dividends both in the time that it takes for us to complete our work and the standard of finish that we are able to achieve. Both are second to none.

Finished Oak Floor County DurhamWe used a deep cleaning method of the correct fluids and a specialised kit to help remove years of traffic and soiling. Once this was completely dry, we installed a fresh Hard Wax oil maintenance coat to re-protect the floor. A new lease of live was given to this beautiful Oak floor! The client was delighted!

Have you researched wood finishes? Are you more confused than when you started? There is a lot of information out there and much of it is superficial and not necessarily relevant to your floor.

Contact us today on 0808 118 5747 and we will remove all of this worry for you. We will help you to select the most appropriate wood finish quickly and efficiently.

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Why Restore Your Wood Floor?

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Often wood floors can be found hidden under another floor covering. These may be found during a restoration project in your home. Even the most deteriorated floors can be fully restored with our expert techniques.

Wood Floor Restoration TeesideOur floor sanding machinery is powerful enough to strip back adhesives and glues that may be present. This may be an additional challenge but should not put you off considering restoring your wood floors.

The floor sanding process strips back the top layers of the surface. This means that dents, scratches and worn areas can be phased out and a fresh layer revealed. Some of our clients are often shocked by this process.

The quotation and survey process forms the opportunity for us to view the actual floor. We are then able to discuss many elements of the job, including:

  • Any anticipated challenges
  • The expected results
  • Product formulations that will be used during the process
  • The actual sanding process and what is involved

There may be areas that require additional work to ensure that the end result is seamlessly smooth. Rest assured that our experience allows us the confidence to achieve the best-possible result.

Wood Finishes TeesideSo why restore your wood floor?

It is important to remember than any floor laid in your home can appropriately reflect the period to which the house was built. This means that it will provide true and unique character. This is often difficult to replicate with a newly laid floor.

Another reason is that the cost of restoration is much less than the expense of complete renewal. Not only that but the disruption caused will be much more. The sanding process is quicker and much less messy.

We continuously strive to offer the best service and would appreciate the opportunity of working with you to restore your beautiful floors. We are available to take your call on 0808 118 5747.