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Our Guide to Restoring Stone Floors

By On August 2, 2016 No Comments

Entrance ways are the one of the most used spaces in our homes. Whatever the weather, our feet carry in contaminants from outside that work to deteriorate our floors.

Stone Floor Restoration NewcastleThere are ways in which this can be minimised, such as:

  • Put an external door mat outside of your front door
  • Put another mat inside your front door
  • Make sure that you take your shoes off immediately entering your home
  • Daily sweeping or hovering

However, over time it is likely that your floors will slowly start to take on a more weathered appearance. This can be slow and causes the period of deterioration to go unnoticed.

It may be that the cleaning products you use aren’t really working to your satisfaction or you may one day realise that the stone floor doesn’t look like it used to.

The restoration of stone floors produces exceptional results; not only do we breathe new life into your floor but the surface is entirely stripped back and re-finished so that it is ready once again to tackle daily wear and tear.

Stone Restorer NewcastleThis is a tiled floor that we cleaned in Newcastle. The first image shows the excessive build up on the tiles; this was ingrained into the tiles and grout.

It is imperative that we apply our time-served knowledge in order to deep clean the tiles. The old, broken down seal is stripped back allowing us to clean the surface of the tiles.

Our specialist stone cleaning products are agitated with our machinery in order to lift the dirt and leave the stone exposed in its natural state, ready to be sealed.

Sealing Stone Top Tip:

Take your time to find a stone sealer that compliments your requirements; think about foot traffic, type of tile and desired finish.

Are you considering restoring your stone floors? If so call today on 0808 118 5747. You won’t be disappointed.