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Cleaning Vinyl Floors County Durham

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Vinyl flooring has, at some times, been considered old-fashioned. With modern products this is now much different. This flooring type offers a huge variety of colours, patterns and textures. Advancements in the products available have meant that they are incredibly hard wearing whilst also offering a striking appearance.

To have a flooring product that replicates other types but has the added benefit of ease of maintenance and durability is a great solution. Vinyl flooring is a manufactured floor type and is available in sheets, tiles and boards.

Cleaning Amtico DarlingtonIt is a fair point to state that more expensive variations offer better resistance against staining, scratches, tears and gouges. Some variations have specialist backings in order to support this. Most come with extensive warranties in relation to their performance.

Even the highest quality vinyl floors will suffer daily wear and will therefore inevitably require the assistance of a professional restorer. This is where we come in with our extensive experience and knowledge of cleaning vinyl floors.

It is vital that any vinyl cleaner has the ability to identify any previous coatings. These coatings need to be protected during regular cleaning. However, they would require removal during a full restoration project.

The removed coatings uncover the actual vinyl product. This obviously needs to be recoated in order to offer future protection against wear and tear. We have a variety of product formulations that offer best-possible resistance.

Even more so it means that your vinyl floor is restored to looking like new. This means that they will look great and offer a barrier against liquid, wear and general use.

Are you looking for a professional vinyl floor cleaner? Our prices are competitive and we are confident that we are the best-equipped company to deal with your cleaning project. We invite you to call today on 0808 118 5747.

Vinyl Floor Restoration Durham

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We all take great pride in our homes and flooring is an element that offers evidence of our personal taste. Vinyl flooring is a fascinating material and really does offer a range of advantages, not surpassed by other flooring types.

We were asked to visit a house in Durham. When we spoke to the owners of the house they explained that they had experienced a house flood and that the ceilings had fallen through onto their luxury vinyl flooring.

Vinyl floor restoration Durham Vinyl floors Durham






When we arrived it as evident that the flooding had been extensive and the floor was in a deteriorated state. Some would believe that it would be impossible to restore them to their former glory; but here at Absolutely Floor Restore, we enjoy the challenge and reward of providing a first-class service.

We discussed the options available with our client and the quotation process enabled them the opportunity to outline questions, discuss timescales and possible outcomes for the planned work. We often receive comments from clients, describing how grateful they were for the time and care that we take with them.

Cleaning Karndean Durham Restoring Vinyl flooring Durham






Although floor restoration is what we do all day, every day, we appreciate that the process of identifying a cleaning professional and arranging the work to be completed can sometimes be an unfamiliar process to our clients.

Restoring Karndean Durham Restoring vinyl flooring Durham







This is why we take great care to offer information on the process and keep in contact where possible. This also follows through to our after care service; we feel strongly that our clients need to feel as though we offer a comprehensive provision and we will do all we can to offer advice on how to keep you floors looking at their restored best, for longer.

The images tell the story of the floor restoration and as you can imagine, our client was over the moon with the finish we achieved. Have you go an Amtico floor or a Karndean floor that needs restoring? DO YOU DESERVE THE BEST   –   ABSOLUTELY –  call 07976 127 849.

Restoring Vinyl Flooring County Durham

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring is manufactured by a number of major suppliers and some of the most popular names you will see in the Luxury Flooring market place are the Amtico Flooring, Karndean Vinyl floors, Polyfloor, IVC and Armstrong flooring.

All have beautiful types of warm and easy to look after vinyl and other types of hard wearing materials. The very nature of Luxury Vinyl Flooring allows for the customer to help create something very special in their homes or work place.

Some of the ranges are so well designed that they really do look like the material they are trying to mirror whether the client is looking for a Ceramic, Timber or Stone finish, there is a design available to appeal to almost every ones taste.

Amtico Flooring County DurhamAs well as some uniquely individual feature designs. The surfaces often come with stunning embedded texturing to bring a very real authenticity to the space they enhance!

The various designs are available in tile or strip depending on which effect you are aiming to create. Technically these products are brilliant, as they are made up of various layers of material including photographs of real natural surfaces. This is combined with the fact that they give excellent value for money by the way the Amtico flooring holds up very well to the rigours of every day life, whilst helping create a fabulous form of floor art!

At Absolutely Floor Restore we know so well the benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring that we would recommend anyone seriously consider using this type of floor covering with just a few of the benefits being, warm, sound proofed and easier to maintain. All round great options.

We also know that from time to time these Vinyl floors need a little extra help to strip away years of traffic film, soiling and old maintenance coatings to help to allow the beautiful designs to shine proudly again.

We have an experienced dedicated workforce that can help to restore your beautiful floors to their former glory and to enhance our service to you we give you the knowledge of the Easiest, Best & Quickest way to look after your floors after restoration to help keep them looking beautiful for longer and save on expensive replacement costs too!