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Valuable Wood Finish Advice

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When seeing wood floors laid, it is clear that they offer a real boost to any space. Not only are they functional and practical but they look great and offer a timeless appearance. They work in both traditional and modern properties and can even add value to homes.

Part of continuing this process and not letting their look deteriorate is routine care. Although wear and tear is inevitable and unavoidable, it is important to ensure that your wood floor is cared for. One way of doing this is regular removal of dirt and particles that collect on the surface. Another is to ensure that the wood finish laid is offering adequate protection.

Restoring Oak Floors HarrogateHow might you tell that the surface layers need restoring? Your floor may start to look dull or scratched. It might even start to absorb liquid spillages. This is detrimental to your floor as damage will be caused. Your floor will start to age, it will warp and even discolour.

To try and restore your floor once it has got to this point is, of course, a larger job. Therefore, it is important to relay your surface finish on a regular basis with our help. With our help, you will be left with a beautifully-looking, hard-wearing wooden floor.

When restoring your floor, the surface layers will need to be sanded back. Wood floor sanding does require in-depth knowledge, both in the process and the intricacies of particular wood types. When the surface has been sanded, the natural material is primed and ready to be re-finished.

Wood finishes need to be applied in the appropriate way. Specific tools and techniques support the correct application and avoids errors or mistakes in the process. This is again another example where experience allows a better finish to be achieved.

These products are available in two different categories including penetrating finishes and surface finishes. Whether you are looking for an oil, wax, varnish or lacquer, we will offer all information necessary to enable your informed decision. Please call us today to arrange a quotation on 0808 118 5747; we are experienced floor sanders serving County Durham and Middlesbrough.

Timber Flooring Wood Finishes Yarm

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Floor Sanding TeesideWe are experienced floor sanders serving the Durham, Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire areas.

Due to demand for our services are we are finding our work is taking us further afield and cementing our well-earned reputation for first-class finishes and unrivalled customer service.

We were recently invited to restore this, once beautiful timber flooring in Yarm, situationed in the heart of Teeside.

This was part of a stunning old listed hall that had been converted in to several different homes in the past. It is quite an old building with some really interesting striking original features.


Floor Sander Teeside Wood Floor Restoration Teeside







Wood Floors TeesideThese pictures are one of the main bedrooms before, during and after the work is completed. The transformation was nothing short of spectacular.

The client was so delighted with the finish they offered us further work as a result.

We used a Pallmann magic oil 2k hard wax oil to lovingly restore this heavily damaged original pine floor.

This forms part of our ethos in using the best-available products to complement our tailored floor sanding process. This has been honed over our many years of experience, allowing us to offer a superior service.

Timber Floor Restoration Teeside Wood Floor Sanding Yarm







We didn’t have the pleasure of helping restore the old ceiling but thought that it would be nice to include as a truly beautiful work of art and a tribute to the very fine work of craftsmen gone by. The end result was that the wood floors and ceilings worked in beautiful contrast.

Wood Finishes Teeside Wood Finishes Yarm







This timber floor restoration project promotes the superior finishes that we are able to offer as standard and emphasises the fact that we enjoy going to extra mile to ensure that our clients are pleased with the level of finish that we achieve.

Do You Deserve The Best?    Absolutely!

If you have any questions about wood finishes or our wood floor restoration services we invite you to call on 0808 118 5747.