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Sanding Oak Parquet Floors

By On January 18, 2018 Under Dust Free Wood Floor Sanding

We recently showcased a floor sanding project that we completed. The oak parquet floor was in a terrible state when we arrived. Our client wanted the floors to be fully sanded and restored as part of a home improvement project.

We put together the following video that takes you through the process from start to finish. The parquet floor is almost unrecognisable at the point where the job is completed. Not only is the floor now seamlessly smooth but it is well protected against further wear and use.

Why is our provision important?

Here’s why..


A newly restored wood floor is smooth, sleek and looks incredible. The beautiful grain pattern is the thing that shines through and not the fact that it looks worn and tired. Improved appearance does so much for your home. No longer do you have to be embarrassed about the wood floor that once looked great.

Cost Effectiveness

Our wood floor restoration services are a cost-effective solution. The top layers of the surface are sanded back, which enables us to remove dents, scratches and unsightly dull areas. Wood finishes are then applied which further protects the floor. This is incredibly durable and long-lasting and therefore offers a cost-effective service. Our provision is also accompanied by details of how best to care for your wood floors. Our service doesn’t end when the job does; we continue to offer advice and work to earn your custom for life.

Regular Care

Caring regularly for your wood floors and using the right product will make sure that they are long-lasting. Any floor within your home is an investment and we all want to get the most from our investments. We are able to offer valuable details of how to maintain your floors and keep them looking at their best. This will elongate the times between full restoration.

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