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Don’t Make Easy Errors of an Inexperienced Floor Cleaner

By On October 6, 2016 Under Floor Care

Quite understandably some individuals would like to have a go at deep cleaning their floors themselves prior to contacting a professional. In instances where the trade machinery may not be required this can appear to be a cost-saving exercise.

Floor Cleaners DurhamWe are sometimes contacted by individuals who have attempted to clean their floors and ended up with either a less than satisfactory finish or worse, a damaged floor. There are easy errors that can be made and we have compiled the following list in the attempt to minimise this risk.

Incorrect selection of products

Whatever floor type it is that you are aiming to clean, there will be a particular product that will offer a better result. It may be that you need a range of products to follow the cleaning process and time invested in this selection will pay dividends. Not only will the correct product formulations offer a better result, but it will complement the floor type and not damage it.

Incorrect selection of machinery

Similarly to the products used to clean floors, there are different machinery that should be used to complete the cleaning process. An example of this is floor sanding where a belt sander is used on the majority of the floor boards and an edge sander is used around the perimeter of the wood floor. These machines complement each other and both have a specific role.

If you were to use the belt sander around the perimeter, you would not be able to get right into the edges. If you were to use the edge sander on the main part of the floor you would end up with an uneven finish that would take a huge amount of time. Once again damage can be caused and in some cases can be irreversible.

Lack of understanding of cleaning techniques

Floor Cleaner DurhamIf a particular floor that you have has stained patches or areas that need to be repair prior to cleaning it is imperative that you employ the correct technique to complete the task.

For example; if your carpet has been stained it would be inappropriate to scrub the carpet as the fibres would be left frayed and the stain likely left visible.

It is important to seek the advice of a professional floor cleaner when contemplating such jobs. We offer a clear and transparent pricing plan and offer an efficient process so that you receive true value for money. If you would like to find out more please call today on 0808 118 5747.

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