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Fantastic Floor Care Advice

By On November 28, 2017 Under Floor Care

We are all invested in our floors. We spend a lot of money on laying them as well as cleaning them. There is no better feeling than that of pride when the floors in your home are looking clean. Therefore, it is important that the time and money that we invest is spent wisely.

The following advice has been put together in order to help you get more from your floors. We are time-served floor cleaning experts and we take great pride in our work. While we take on any job from cleaning to full restoration, we always work hard to leave our clients with information on how best to keep their floors clean.

Tip 1:

Place a door mat at every entry to your home. Even better; place an exterior one and an interior one at every doorway. This will mean that dirt tracked in on feet can be wiped on both surfaces and will reduce the particles that enter your home. Even the particles that we don’t see act like sandpaper to the surface coatings of your floors. Whether these are stone tiles, wood flooring or vinyl alternatives, all will be affected by sand and dirt.

Tip 2:

Keep up with routine cleaning. Leaving particles and dirt laying on your floor will likely speed up the deterioration of it. Routine and regular cleaning removes these particles so that they are not present to mark or damage the surface. This can mean daily hovering or dry mopping. Don’t underestimate the power of routine; get the whole family involved.

Tip 3:

When your routine cleaning isn’t cutting it any more and you feel like your floor is looking lack-lustred, call Absolutely Floor Restore. We are on hand to deep clean and restore your floors to look like new. We specialise in wood floor sanding and the cleaning of Amtico and stone floor tiles.

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