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Why Restore Your Wood Floor?

By On March 4, 2017 Under Floor Sanding

Often wood floors can be found hidden under another floor covering. These may be found during a restoration project in your home. Even the most deteriorated floors can be fully restored with our expert techniques.

Wood Floor Restoration TeesideOur floor sanding machinery is powerful enough to strip back adhesives and glues that may be present. This may be an additional challenge but should not put you off considering restoring your wood floors.

The floor sanding process strips back the top layers of the surface. This means that dents, scratches and worn areas can be phased out and a fresh layer revealed. Some of our clients are often shocked by this process.

The quotation and survey process forms the opportunity for us to view the actual floor. We are then able to discuss many elements of the job, including:

  • Any anticipated challenges
  • The expected results
  • Product formulations that will be used during the process
  • The actual sanding process and what is involved

There may be areas that require additional work to ensure that the end result is seamlessly smooth. Rest assured that our experience allows us the confidence to achieve the best-possible result.

Wood Finishes TeesideSo why restore your wood floor?

It is important to remember than any floor laid in your home can appropriately reflect the period to which the house was built. This means that it will provide true and unique character. This is often difficult to replicate with a newly laid floor.

Another reason is that the cost of restoration is much less than the expense of complete renewal. Not only that but the disruption caused will be much more. The sanding process is quicker and much less messy.

We continuously strive to offer the best service and would appreciate the opportunity of working with you to restore your beautiful floors. We are available to take your call on 0808 118 5747.

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