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Cleaning Quarry Tiles Durham City

By On October 12, 2015 Under Quarry Tiles

Quarry tiles are a well-known and popular tile choice; they are a very durable natural stone. In times gone by they have been used in many industrial settings but their use has also been widespread within homes around the UK.

Natural Stone Durham Quarry Floors Co DurhamThe way in which quarry floor tiles are manufactured offers testament to their density and therefore suitability to high usage areas of homes and businesses.

This strength means that this tile type will be resistant to scratching and general wear.

One of the most fascinating elements of stone restoration is the fact that tiled floors can be hidden under other floor coverings for many years and when uncovered can be restored to a brilliant finish.

Cleaning Quarry Tiles Durham Stone TIles County DurhamThe images show a quarry tile cleaning job that we completed in Durham City. The quarry floor was in the basement of a 200 year old college building.

Our client was contemplating refurbishment and had lifted an old carpet to reveal what looked like it may be an interesting old quarry tiled floor.

We started to strip back all of the carpet glue and other coverings that were hiding the beautiful tiles. Once fully stripped we started to install protection seals.

Stone Flooring Durham Quarry Tiles County DurhamThe end result was astonishing considering how deteriorated the stone flooring looked on our initial survey. The old carpet glue, years of residue and paint had all been successfully removed.

Our client was delighted with the result and asked us to look at another three floors which needed restoration.

To restore a stone floor that clearly has such an exceptional history is extremely rewarding; it is respectful to the buildings heritage and offers an attractive and classic floor that will remain looking great for many more years to come.

If you would like to enquire about quarry tile restoration please call us today on 0808 118 5747; we will arrange a no obligation survey at a time convenient for you.

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