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Tile Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

By On October 17, 2017 Under Stone Floor Cleaning

We thought this an appropriate topic due to the fact that cleaning stone floors and tiled floors really is a science. The use of incorrect product formulations can mean the difference between a beautifully cleaned floor and a damaged one. What’s made worse is that this damage can be, in some cases, irreversible.

Therefore, we have put together the following advice that briefly summarises some of the do’s and don’ts when cleaning your tiled floors:

Floor Cleaner DurhamDO

  • Seek the assistance of a local professional to deep clean and restore your tile floor
  • Make sure that the cleaning product that you have selected can be used on your particular type of tiles or stone
  • Test patch an area so that you are confident of the results you will achieve
  • Regularly remove all dry particles and dirt from your stone floors
  • Invest time cleaning the grout lines; this may be an arduous task but it is really important

Floor Cleaners DurhamDON’T

  • Use steam cleaners that can damage the surface protective layers of your stone floor
  • Rush the process as time invested in the use of the correct techniques can pay dividends to the end result
  • Leave dirt and particles to damage the surface of your tiles
  • Scrub areas as this will likely damage either the surface coatings or the tiles themselves
  • Use bleach products as these will likely cause damage

Cleaning tiles can sometimes feel like a losing battle. If you feel like this, it is likely that your stone floor needs re-surfacing anyway. You may be expending effort that can be saved with our stone floor restoration process.

Once completed, the cleaning of your stone floors becomes easier and more straightforward again. You start to see the results that you remember achieving straight after the floor was installed. Call us today on 0808 118 5747 to arrange a survey.

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