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Stone Repair Services

By On December 28, 2016 Under Stone Repairs

Natural Stone is used for many applications including flooring, walls, worktops and fireplaces. This means that people who have invested in these care for them as best they can.

For the following information we are going to reference flooring, however, the same stone repairs can be completed for other applications as well.

It can be a real worry when damage occurs such as a crack. We realise that no two stone floors are the same and that cracks can highlight a number of concerns. These may include:

  • The way that the repair will look after it has done
  • The inability to source the same flooring again
  • Having a floor that looks uneven due to replaced tiles
  • Having to fund a full stone restoration project to ensure that the finish is even throughout the stone floor
  • The general cost of such damage

Professional Stone Repair:

Techniques and materials have come on so much over recent years so that best-trained professionals are able to offer repair services for natural stone.

This is a complex process but can yield exceptional results. In most cases these repairs are almost invisible to the eye and the service is cost-effective. It removes the requirement to fully lift and replace the floor.

Stone Repair County DurhamStone Repair Durham







Our professional services will also ensure that the finish of the repaired area matches the surrounding tiles. We realise that a cracked tile can be worrying but we would like to offer assurance in relation to the repair that can be achieved.

Stone Repairs County DurhamStone Repairs Middlesbrough






These images show a repair that we completed. Have you been living with a cracked tile for too long in the fear of the process of replacing it? Don’t waste any more concern and contact us on 0808 118 5747.

When we visit to survey the floor we will make sure to discuss any possible limitations and the possible results. We look forward to the opportunity of working to repair your beautiful stone floor.

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