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Advice for Restoring Stone Floors

By On February 9, 2018 Under Stone Restoration

There are many elements to consider when cleaning your stone floors. These may vary depending on whether it is routine cleaning or restoration that is being completed.

Stone floors offer exceptional durability and will offer a brilliant surface for many, many years. Routine cleaning is straightforward when you are well-informed in relation to the correct products to use.

Correct product selection will offer great cleaning results with minimal effort. Poor product selection can do exactly the opposite. Incorrect products can require a lot of effort and yield unsatisfactory results. These unsatisfactory results can even result in damage to your stone tiles. Don’t make the mistake of assuming products will clean your tiles, whatever type they are.

Travertine Tiles Cleaning StocktonWhen routine cleaning is continuing to offer less-than-satisfactory results you may need to call on the assistance of a stone restoration specialist. The surface of the tiles need to be sealed and over time, this will deteriorate. Once deteriorated the surface of the stone can become damaged, dull and will need expert help to be deep cleaned and re-sealed.

The good news is that once the stone floor is re-sealed that it will go onto offer many more years of service, while looking great.

Cleaning products need to be placed onto the floor and agitated with specialist stone cleaning rotary machinery. Working with this machinery, we are able to offer guaranteed results. What is the key? The key is remaining on top of your stone floor care and not letting them deteriorate to a state where they need regular restoration.

Don’t forget your grout lines. Grout lines suffer because the dirt from the surface of your stone tiles gets pushed into these recessed groves. Grout is a porous product and so will absorb this dirt and discolour as a result. Forward thinking and removal of dry particles will reduce this when you are completing regular cleaning with wet mops.

Stone floors can be transformed with our stone restoration services; this is both cost-effective and will come accompanied with our second-to-none customer service. Call 0808 118 5747 to find out more.

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