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Tile and Grout Cleaning Durham

By On April 21, 2016 Under Stone Restoration

We are able to carry out test clean patches for clients looking to see exactly what level of transformation that we are able to achieve with our stone cleaning and restoration services.

Tile and Grout cleaning DurhamWe were invited to complete a test patch in this property in Durham. Our client realised that her stone floor had become ingrained with dirt but said that she could not remember what the floor looked like prior to the deterioration. This is because it occurs over a number of years and can easily fall under the radar.

This image shows the cleaning patch that we completed and our client was absolutely shocked at the level of dirt that stained her stone flooring. She was horrified by the way that they looked and excited to see the work completed.

This particular stone floor had become almost one colour; the natural colouration of the tile had been hidden under layers of dirt and grime. It was almost impossible to differentiate between the tile and the grout lines. It was time for us to get to work!

We completed the stone restoration work and it became clear that the results were going to be incredible. The different tones of the tiles started to show through and the area in the property became brighter.

Natural stone floors DurhamIt is so important to hire a professional when undertaking deep cleaning of natural stone. Why?

  • This type of stone is likely to crack or flake if the correct methods are not used
  • It is likely that the result you achieve will be to a worse standard
  • It will likely take you a lot longer to complete the work
  • It is possible that you will select incorrect product formulations that may result in irreversible damage

Tile Cleaning DurhamCleaning stone floors Durham









Our client was really pleased with her restored stone floor; the tiles were fully sealed and protected and we discussed our regular maintenance programme to ensure that the build-up did not occur again. Are you looking for a stone floor restorer? Call today on 07976 127 849.

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