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Cleaning Vinyl Floors County Durham

By On March 28, 2017 Under Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has, at some times, been considered old-fashioned. With modern products this is now much different. This flooring type offers a huge variety of colours, patterns and textures. Advancements in the products available have meant that they are incredibly hard wearing whilst also offering a striking appearance.

To have a flooring product that replicates other types but has the added benefit of ease of maintenance and durability is a great solution. Vinyl flooring is a manufactured floor type and is available in sheets, tiles and boards.

Cleaning Amtico DarlingtonIt is a fair point to state that more expensive variations offer better resistance against staining, scratches, tears and gouges. Some variations have specialist backings in order to support this. Most come with extensive warranties in relation to their performance.

Even the highest quality vinyl floors will suffer daily wear and will therefore inevitably require the assistance of a professional restorer. This is where we come in with our extensive experience and knowledge of cleaning vinyl floors.

It is vital that any vinyl cleaner has the ability to identify any previous coatings. These coatings need to be protected during regular cleaning. However, they would require removal during a full restoration project.

The removed coatings uncover the actual vinyl product. This obviously needs to be recoated in order to offer future protection against wear and tear. We have a variety of product formulations that offer best-possible resistance.

Even more so it means that your vinyl floor is restored to looking like new. This means that they will look great and offer a barrier against liquid, wear and general use.

Are you looking for a professional vinyl floor cleaner? Our prices are competitive and we are confident that we are the best-equipped company to deal with your cleaning project. We invite you to call today on 0808 118 5747.

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